The Goodwood Revival, due to be held from 31 August to 2 September this year, is world-renowned for the high calibre of its historic motor racing and nostalgic ‘magical step back in time’ atmosphere. To many of the expected 110,000 spectators, arriving at the event and parking up in an appropriate classic vehicle is as much a savoured part of the visiting this unique event as watching the close wheel-to-wheel motor racing, strolling through the paddocks, admiring the period fashions or enjoying the live music and entertainment.

Alongside the main Revival car parks, a highlight for many visitors is the stunning Revival Car Show, featuring over 1,000 pre-1966 cars driven to the event by spectators and guests. Presented in association with Classic and Sportscar magazine, the show is a major part of the Revival weekend, displaying a sensational selection of extraordinary cars that informed observers often say is better than many expensive, organised classic car shows. The variety of vehicles parked up is simply staggering, with something to satisfy every taste or dream. From familiar pre-War Austin 7s and Blower Bentleys, to post-War family saloons, ranging from Morris Minors to Rolls- Royce Phantoms, and all points in between, nostalgic memories come flooding back wherever you look. Visitors can expect to see many rare and exciting sports cars, such as the Ferrari 250 California Spyder and Jaguar XKSS, still as exotic today as they were back in their heyday.


Classic and Sportscar offer prizes for the best presented equipe at the Revival car Show, combining the perfect pre-1966 car with the correct period fashions, picnic rugs, hamper, champagne, cold scotch eggs and all the trimmings. All in all, it’s the perfect way to spend a late summer’s day in the English countryside, with Spitfires flying overhead, and the distant thrum of a motor race in full chat.



2007/08 SEASON

A1GP World Cup of Motorsport is pleased to confirm the following race dates for its 2007/08 season.



1)  30 September 2007

A1GP Zandvoort, The Netherlands

2)  14 October 2007

A1GP Brno, Czech Republic

3) 4 November 2007

A1GP Asia – venue TBC

4)  25 November 2007

A1GP Sepang, Malaysia

5)  16 December 2007

A1GP Zhuhai, China

6)  20 January 2008

A1GP Taupo, New Zealand

7)  3 February 2008

A1GP Sydney, Australia

8)  24 February 2008

A1GP Durban, South Africa

9)  16 March 2008

A1GP Mexico City, Mexico

10) 6 April 2008

A1GP Shanghai, China

11) 4 May 2008

A1GP Brands Hatch, Great Britain








Commenting on the third season’s race calendar, A1GP chief executive officer, Pete da Silva said: ‘This year’s race calendar sees a few changes and the addition of one new venue which I feel reflects the evolution of this fantastic racing series.

‘A1GP is growing throughout its markets, developing an exceptionally strong fan base across Asia. Our provisional television ratings clearly demonstrate that we have created a firm foothold in one of the biggest emerging markets in the world and it is for this reason that we are delighted to have the opportunity to return to China twice again this season. 2007/08 is going to be a bigger and better season with so much to look forward to.’

The venue for the 4 November event will be confirmed in due course following the conclusion of negotiations with the relevant parties.




Elegant and smartly-dressed ladies visiting this year’s Goodwood Revival on Saturday 1 September stand a good chance of taking home flowers and bottles of champagne – traditionally the reserve of victorious racing drivers – as Goodwood introduces motor sport’s first, and only, Ladies Day. Throughout the day a leading team of fashion gurus, possibly including style-leaders such as Twiggy, will be looking out for the most immaculately-groomed ladies in the crowds, and awarding spot prizes of finest Veuve Clicquot champagne and flowers to the lucky few.

The Goodwood Revival is the only meeting in the world set entirely to a period theme, with every detail faithful to that golden age of style, grace and glamour:
1948-1966. No other vintage fashion event anywhere takes place on such a vast scale: the event is usually attended by over 110,000 visitors, the overwhelming majority of whom are suited, booted and groomed from the tips of their ‘femme fatale’ red fingernails to their stilettoed toes, proving that the Revival is far more than a series of races for historic vehicles.


Mini adventures, maxi style and a ‘New Look’ at fashion will be on the cards from 31 August – 2 September, as tens of thousands of stylish boys and girls once more raid their wardrobes and adopt the glamorous dress of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, a time when men were men and women were glad of it.


"Finding the perfect outfit to do justice to the theatre of the surroundings is a key part of the fun of coming to the Goodwood Revival. While there isn’t a specific dress code at Goodwood, the venue seems to encourage visitors to make a welcome effort," says the Revival’s founder Lord March.


Many of the leading vintage clothes suppliers across the UK bring their wares to the Revival Market – a unique shopping village dedicated solely and strictly to the design sensibilities of the pre-1966 period. The Market has become a great fashion network opportunity with fashionistas and serious vintage devotees meeting up to exchange tips, upgrade costumes from last year and even buy a better hat or foxier fur wrap for the event the next day.

The period of 1948 to 1966 – during which time Goodwood Motor Circuit was an active venue for top-class international racing – offers tremendous scope for choosing a ‘look’ to adopt for the event. Gentlemen can make women swoon in a tightly tailored Forces uniform; or adopt the debonair urbanity of Cary Grant; the country casual look of a James Herriot is always popular, as is the unashamedly mean and moody leather and denim of a Marlon Brando or a pre-army Elvis.


Women, too, have remarkable style icons to emulate: the sultry, smouldering glamour of Forties silver screen sirens Rita Hayworth or Ava Gardner; the voluptuous goddess dresses of Marilyn Monroe; the timeless classicism, grace and beauty of Audrey Hepburn; the perfect little suits and accessories of Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly; or the sheer mini-skirted, swinging joie de vivre of Twiggy. So much fashion, and only three days to dress up for!




Historic competition cars and motorcycles won’t be the only things racing at this year’s Goodwood Revival; drivers’ pulses will be too, as a dozen glamorous girls line up on the starting grid.

The 12 ‘grid girls’ – courtesy of Revival partner Oilexco – will be dressed in colourful Swinging Sixties PVC outfits, all the rage in Carnaby Street at the time. The girls will be parading on the starting grid and performing essential duties before each race over the Revival weekend, holding up row positioning boards to assist the competitors in placing their vehicles in the correct starting position, and of course, looking gorgeous. The grid girls are a new edition to the Goodwood Revival, sponsored by Oilexco Incorporated, an emerging oil producer focusing on undeveloped UK oil and gas discoveries in the North Sea.


These pit lane pin-ups will be joining a cast of more than 60 selected actors and actresses to add a sense of style and theatre to the Goodwood Revival. The Goodwood Actors Guild (GAG) has been set up specifically to add to the authentic atmosphere of the Revival and the members play their part in creating the magical step back in time that is the Revival, the world’s only motor sport meeting set entirely in period.


All around the Goodwood Motor Circuit site, there are many actors, role-playing and acting out scenes from a bygone era. Spivs selling nylons and watches from beneath their coats; Mods and Rockers hanging out and dancing, then being ‘moved on’ by the local bobbies; comedic workmen preparing to dig a hole in the most inappropriate places; Airline Captains, with a string of adoring air hostesses in tow; the Dad’s Army home guard and even iconic figures such as Marilyn Monroe, George Formby and Laurel & Hardy are all to be found at the Revival.


Period vehicles such as a fleet of ‘Glam Cab’ Ford Cortinas, as used in the British comedy classic, ‘Carry On Cabbie’, will also form part of the set, with the glamorous ‘gals’ driving VIP groups and famous racing drivers around. There will also be a display of the finest period road-going machinery in the form of a second hand Supercar sales lot, where members of the public will be harassed into dodgy dealings by shady salesmen.

The Goodwood Revival gives a chance for all visitors to revel in the romance of motor racing as it used to be. The lovingly restored motor circuit is unchanged from its heyday, and great lengths are taken to ensure that everything on the site is exactly as it was. All Goodwood staff and GAG members dress in appropriate period clothing from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s, and each year more competitors and spectators get into the effervescent Goodwood spirit by dressing the part, considering it all part of the fun.


Leave the modern world at the gate and enjoy a magical step back in time.



Students from Tagai State College Thursday Island Secondary Campus, on Thursday

Island north of Cape York in the Torres Strait, are about to become involved in a

worldwide Formula One design and racing competition thanks to the efforts of the

Queensland Government, local sponsors and the not-for-profit organisation, Re-

Engineering Australia Forum.

Ms Alana Baird, the REA Forum Queensland Projects Manager, says the Design and Technology

Hub will provide students with state-of-the-art 3D CATIA CAD/CAM/CAE software valued at

millions of dollars, desktop-sized smoke and wind tunnels, a computerised NC router and an

electronic 20-metre race track.

This technology will be used by the students to design, make, test and race miniature F1 style

cars in REA Forums nationwide Schools Innovation Design Challenge. The team which wins the

SIDC each year automatically receives entry to the worldwide F1inSchools competitionwiththe next finals taking place in Malaysia. It

s all part of inspiring the next generation to consider

innovation based careers.

She adds,

REA has been focusing on the regional areas of Australia since the competition was launched.

In fact, our first Technology Hubs were located in country towns. We wanted to show kids that

you dont have to live in the city to access world leading technology. And we hope that by

doing this that we can stimulate industry in more remote areas.”“

With technology like high speed broadband, email and web conferencing provided by our

partners Telstra and Webex - designers and engineers can be located anywherewhetherthey

re involved in a national or a global project. That is why this technology is a part of

everything we do at REA. We have ended the tyranny of distance. We will be using Webex to

link a classroom from Cooktown State School when we do software training for 24 teachers and

students from Thursday Island Secondary Campus in the lead up to the Hub launch.

Thursday Island Secondary Campus Acting Deputy Principal, Paul Charles, says the new Design

and Technology Hub will provide the students with an amazing opportunity to expand their


This Hub and the REA competition will enable our students to get involved in design, styling,

aerodynamics, finite element analysis, computational fluid dynamics and manufacturing. They

are going to learn all of the disciplines that make up engineering and manufacturing. There are

even adult engineers in Australia who dont have access to this level of technology. Not only

that, the collaboration technology will bring them closer to the mainland. Theyll be able toshare their ideas and talk to students right across Australia.

The Thursday Island team will have the opportunity later this year to compete in regional and

state elimination finals and, if they are good enough, go on to the SIDC National Finals. The

winner of that represents Australia in the F1inSchools World Finals.

Adds Ms Baird,

"The Thursday Island community has developed a sense of pride in their students' achievements

and their involvement in the REA program. It is extremely encouraging to see so many young

people embracing the manufacturing and engineering technology, and it's especially great to

see an increase in number of young women embracing the opportunity to experience this

world's best technology.

Thanks to this group of sponsors the Hub has become a reality. Funding was received from

Torres Strait Regional Authority, Black & More, Torres News, Waiben Light Marine Services,

Yorke (Masig) Island Council, and the Workplace Excellence Programs ManufacturersStarter