Since the last draught calendar a couple of weeks ago, the British GP has been on again, off again, perhaps moved and then on again. More movement than a sex workers knickers in this time of social distancing. But the FIA has now released what they call a definitive first eight rounds of the season – unless it changes.


They now are;


5 July - Austrian GP


12 July - Styrian GP


19 July - Hungarian GP


2 August - British GP


9 August - Formula 1 70th Anniversary GP (Silverstone)


16 August - Spanish GP


30 August - Belgian GP


6 September - Italian GP


  The 2nd race at the Red Bull Ring will now be known as the Styrian GP – which is what the Germans call this area of Austria and the 2nd Silverstone race will be known as the somewhat grandiose Formula 1 70th Anniversary GP which is also inaccurate as the first World Championship GP was held on May 13 not August 9. Although it is at the same track, errrr, sort of. There is almost nothing left of the original Silverstone layout except the ground on which it sits. Still…It is a bit of a pity though as I sort of think that a nod to a more historical name that relates to formula one races at Silverstone, such as the International Trophy may have been more appropriate. Certainly easier on the tongue. Perhaps the British Empire Trophy may not have been seen as politically correct these days.


  The rest of the season is still so far up in the air that you would need a telescope to see it clearly. I would doubt that with their current levels of mortality from the TBV that anyone in F1 would want to chance their lives in the US, Mexico or Brazil. Japan is still mostly shut down so it is unlikely and unless Singapore gets the OK from its government, the cost of the fly-away races in China and Vietnam may outweigh the benefits of an Asian leg. Bahrain and a double header at Abu Dhabi (yawn) look possible or maybe even probable in late November to early December but if America and Asia get canned what fills the void. Russia is talking of two races and both Hockenheim and Imola are still being rumoured, although Russia is not fairing much better than the USA so…..


  There is even the possibility that the eight European races will be the sum total of the season with Ross Brawn’s comments today that "In theory the eight European races will constitute a world championship,".


  Regarding the fly-aways he said, "It is a challenge, but I think it was a challenge putting the European season together, two or three weeks ago, a month ago, it looked impossible. But now we've got a decent calendar put together. I think this situation changes on an almost daily basis. In the main it's getting better, but there are still some countries which are going through the worst, so we need to give them time to see how quickly they are able to recover. Mexico is one where they still want to have a race, but they are in the throes of the pandemic at the moment.”


"With the extra time we'll have now before we have to make some hard decisions then we'll just let things evolve, and see where we are. There's various options. I think we're going to be able to put a decent season together. I can't honestly tell you what shape it will be, but I think there will be enough races to make a good season."


  Clear as a day of bad air quality in Beijing.


  But hey – only four weeks to go – weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…..I hope.


Sam Snape